Intercoin is Launching a Global Web5 Platform for Communities

After years of development, Intercoin – a pioneer in the blockchain industry – is preparing to roll out its long-awaited Web5 Community Platform to 1 million community leaders in over 100 countries. The platform is designed to make blockchain go mainstream, combining Web2 and Web3 features in ways that can help communities worldwide efficiently manage their resources, employees, and governance through the use of blockchain technology.

The same way WordPress helps any organization maintain a website, Intercoin helps them maintain their own community token, DAO, NFTs, raise money, and more. Right now, Intercoin is still taking on bespoke customers who want to build and release their own solutions to their members.

“Web3 has become a dirty word in many circles”, says Greg Magarshak, the founder and CEO of both companies. “Ironically, though, most of the events that caused this reputation have come from exactly the type of middlemen that blockchain was designed to make unnecessary.” Magarshak believes that the missing piece is helping communities serve their members.

Before launching Intercoin, the team developed a decentralized, open source social platform called Qbix. Intercoin builds upon this foundation, extending it with Web3 applications. They are following the path of social networks like WeChat, Facebook, and others, who have rolled out their payment systems. Qbix and Intercoin are designed to be a decentralized, open-source version of that.

Intercoin plans to network all the communities together into “Intercloud”, which it says will be a successor to Bitcoin. Instead of one coin for everyone, Intercoin’s token is designed to be traded by communities on a decentralized exchange.

Intercoin’s vision of the future is one in which individuals are more empowered in their economic decisions and activities, leading to a more inclusive and democratic society. Intercoin has formed strategic partnerships with organizations like Government Blockchain Association and ReadyPlayerMe. They have created solutions for clients ranging from podcasts like Free Talk Live to Andrew Yang’s 2020 campaign. To date, Intercoin has raised capital through two token offerings – unlike many other projects; the offerings carefully made use of exemptions from SEC registration under Regulation S and Regulation D from the JOBS Act. Intercoin is currently testing the waters for its first crowdfunding campaign on Republic: They invite anyone to sign up to indicate interest in receiving their own tokens later this year.

About Intercoin

Intercoin is a pioneering blockchain technology company focused on revolutionizing social networking and community-driven applications. By integrating Web2 and Web5 platforms, Intercoin harnesses the power of Web3 technology to create user-friendly, trust-based solutions for individuals and organizations worldwide. With a strong commitment to transparency and empowerment, Intercoin aims to redefine social networking by enabling true democracy, sound money, and individual choice.


Name: Gregory Magarshak


Company: Intercoin Inc.

Location: Delaware, United States

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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