PORT Network: The First DApp to Harness Sustainable Processing Power for Both Cloud and Volunteer Computing

Press Release: With an ever-increasing demand for computing power, PORT Network launches the first dApp to merge both Cloud and Volunteer computing on the blockchain. 28th June 2021, Düsseldorf, Germany – The demand for increased computing power is growing at an exponential rate. Industries such as IoT, Pharmaceutical, AI, 3D Image Processing and Deep Learning […]

Pillar Releases V2 of the First Community-Run Multichain Wallet That Cuts Gas Fees by 99%

console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘Skip player from rendering’, ‘is single: , is main loop: 1, is main query: 1’);console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘trinity_content_filter’); Press Release: Pillar launches V2 of its multichain crypto wallet – the first to be governed by users.    28th June 2021, London, United Kingdom – The second iteration of Pillar’s flagship crypto wallet is launching in a […]

SafeEarth Announces $200k+ in Charity Donations this Year

SafeEarth creates access to DeFi and at the same time, helps restore the world’s ecosystem and help humanity through collaborating with the most impactful projects. 25th June 2021, London, England Users of SafeEarth can enjoy the benefits offered by DeFi whilst preserving the delicate balance of the world. Today, the project announces it has successfully […]

Claim Free Norse Gods Genesis Playing Card NFTs Ahead of $60,000 Poker Series

Bitcoin Press Release: CBC.Network hosts NFT Poker Series with Norse Gods Genesis cards on FullHouse.io, with $60,000 in crypto prizes.  June 22nd, 2021, Las Vegas — Poker players and NFT enthusiasts can now claim two free Norse Gods Genesis playing card NFTs from FullHouse.io, which can be used in the One Million CBC NFT Poker Series, where around […]

Binamon’s Monster Metaverse Tops ERC-721 Transactions on Binance Smart Chain

Press Release: Binamon is a complete metaverse that pits mythical monsters in an all out battle for dominance, and has recently topped the ERC-721 transactions list on BSC. 19th June 2021, Tallinn, Estonia: Gamers can enjoy fighting their unique virtual creatures leveraging Binance Smart Chain blockchain and reap rewards as their dragons, hippogriffs, unicorns and […]

Nugenesis Lays Foundation for Protecting Free Flow of Crypto Information

Welcome to Crypto – the world of misinformation. What is actually real in the crypto realm?   Are crypto influences manipulating the space, to deepen their own pockets? Is there room for the little guys, who have great tech but without the deep pockets? Are we beholden to the influence of people like Elon Musk and […]

QuickX’s CNexchange Launches Automated Trading Tool in Association with Margin

QuickX has been working tirelessly towards mass acceptance of crypto currencies globally. And in lieu of this endeavor CNexchange has been its major and a successful armor. On 17th June, 2021 CNexchange has launched on its platform the Automated Trading Tool in association with Margin. Yet another initiative to ease the crypto trading for its […]

Break a Sweat and Score Big with the 1xBit EURO 2020 Tournament

Bitcoin Press Release: It’s time to own the field by joining the EURO 2020 1xBit tournament and making it count!  17th June, 2021, Limassol, Cyprus — Not good at playing soccer? No problem! You can showcase your swift decision-making skills and strategic gameplay abilities by indulging yourself in the most important sports event of the […]

ZoidPay Brings Crypto Shopping to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Over 40 Million Online Retailers

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With Strong Earnings, User Growth, and Recognizable Brand Partnerships, Decentral Games Is A Well Positioned Next Generation Blockchain Entertainment Platform

Fig 1: DG Treasury Growth Chart measured in USD value. The treasury has grown exponentially since its inception in Dec 2020 contributed by the profit growth and the appreciation of the assets. The downward trend in May is driven by the downswing of the crypto market.  Decentral Games ($DG) has ambitious plans to disrupt the […]