The Crypto Investments To Keep Ahead Of The Pack: SmarterWorx, Fantom, And Uniswap

In 2021, the S&P 500 more than doubled the average annual returns for investors compared to the past four decades. However, that achievement paled compared to crypto markets, which made some people instant millionaires. While many of those gains have since been wiped out, the crypto sector remains a viable investment. The crypto markets have […]

Smart December Investments: Oryen Network, Venus Protocol and COMP

When compared to conventional finance, the DeFi is still relatively new. As a result, we frequently get new and innovative ideas. All investors make decisions, but only those who do so wisely and with sufficient knowledge profit significantly from cryptocurrency. Oryen Network, Venus Protocol, and COMP have all been referred to as smart investment decisions […]

The Next Bullish Wave Is Soon, Don’t Miss Out On SmarterWorx (ARTX), Fantom (FTM), And THORChain (RUNE)

Investors have been anticipating the next positive wave since the massive cryptocurrency plunge in the hopes that it will free the market from the bear’s grip. Analysts claim that the next wave is approaching since crypto heavyweights like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) seem to be moving steadily upward. When that moment arrives, the whole […]

Oryen Network Launch Getting Closer, Binance (BNB) Yet To Reveal If They Are Backing The Newcomer

Given the success of its ongoing ICO, Oryen is gearing up for its launch on a high, having exceeded expectations. Its current presale 7 price of $0.21 signifies a 320% increase from its debut price of $0.05. The presale project is doing so well that analysts expect ORY to attain 100% before the final phase. […]

BudBlockz, Chainlink, and Filecoin are Tokens that Could Keep Investors’ Portfolios Afloat in the Current Market

Recently, the crypto blizzard that led to a decline in the price of many coins has created more danger in an already dangerous environment. It is necessary to carefully access the market before jumping in to ensure that investors make a good decision with the projects they add to their portfolios. Some assets, however, can […]