Move Over NFT Profile Pictures, The NFT Banner Image Has Arrived

NFT profile pictures have become increasingly popular since their rollout on the social media platform Twitter in January. Now Radio Caca is seeking to drive the sector forward with NFT banners displayed on the profile pages of NFT users. The proof of the NFT banner concept will be Radio Caca’s ‘NFT Jacuzzi,’ a collection of […]

Chimeras P2E Metaverse Launches Alpha Version And New NFT collection

Press Release: Chimeras announces the launch of the alpha version of its P2E metaverse game accompanied by a brand new NFT collection.    March 30th, 2022, Mahe, Seychelles – Chimeras is launching the Alpha Version of the game, which becomes available to users  from March 30th and will last for 2-3 months. Accompanying the Alpha […]

The Best Ways to Learn About Cryptocurrencies for Free

The accelerated growth of crypto adoption is inevitably associated with the need to find new ways of using digital assets, and while there undoubtedly will be early adopters, the ecosystem involves lots of learning, especially if you’re a novice. There are many online educational platforms that fill the gap for those who want to learn […]

Floki Announces Guerrilla Marketing Competition with $28,000 USDT Prize Pool

Floki is known as “the people’s crypto,” in large part because of the community’s aggressive, guerrilla-style, memetic marketing on social media sites such as Twitter. The over 400,000 self-styled “Floki Vikings” have established a reputation for swarming “raids” that keep Floki top of mind on crypto Twitter so the hashtag #Floki trends with clockwork regularity. […]

BitKeep Accelerates the Market Carving-up, With Its Swap Share Reaching Half of That of MetaMask

BitKeep Swap total transactions exceeded 5 million. Kevin, CEO of BitKeep, a Web3.0 crypto wallet, tweeted on March 21. According to the latest data released by Consensys: BitKeep, with an average daily swap amount of 20 million US dollars, has become the decentralized wallet that supports most public chains, most tokens/coins in the world with […]

GaStream (GSTRM), StreamCoin’s Latest Utility Token Revealed Via Airdrops!

StreamCoin recently announced the launch of GaStream (GSTRM), a utility token created to support the StreamCoin ecosystem. Among others, gas fees and node forming rewards are the primary uses for GSTRM. Moreover, this BEP-20 token was listed on exchanges and revealed through an airdrop on March 18, 2022. StreamCoin is a Dubai-based crypto project that […]

BitKeep Adds KuCoin (KCC) To Its List of Supported Main Chains

BitKeep is proud to announce that it has established a partnership with KuCoin Community (KCC), and BitKeep has added KuCoin (KCC) to its list of supported main chains. Please download BitKeep V7.0.1 to experience the KuCoin (KCC) ecosystem. Through the support provided, BitKeep will provide KuCoin (KCC) users with a convenient means for token transactions, […]

Understanding PFPCoin, What Makes It So Different From ApeCoin?

ApeCoin by Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the hottest news stories in crypto this month, but in the ever-innovating world of crypto, there is always something fresh and exciting just around the corner. That fresh idea is PFPCoin, a new token from Radio Caca set to launch on Mar. 28, which threatens to […]

iExec Launches iExec Portal, A New Interface to Involve and Reward the Community

console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘Skip player from rendering’, ‘is single: , is main loop: 1, is main query: 1’);console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘trinity_content_filter’); Press Release: Releasing the iExec Portal, iExec implements an interface where individuals can participate in community-related decisions while being recognized and rewarded for their contributions.   March 23rd, Lyon, France – iExec, a decentralized marketplace for computing assets, […]

Floki Partners With OpenLeverage

The Floki team continues to innovate and evolve what has become the most exciting project in crypto. Floki combines utility, meme, gaming, charity, and community into a sustainable ecosystem with utility. In another groundbreaking move to bring together meme and utility, Floki is proud to announce a strategic partnership with OpenLeverage. OpenLeverage & Floki = […]