NFT Show Europe: An Immersive Experience on Blockchain Technology, Metaverse and Crypto-Digital Art

NFT Show Europe is set to become the leading European meeting point for metaverse, blockchain, and crypto experts, full of investment opportunities and workshops while being immersed in an inspiring digital art exhibition. From September 17th to 18th, 2022, the Spanish city of Valencia will host world-class speakers that will share their insights on key […]

How LIX Delivers Loyalty Management Systems

Customer loyalty programs are not realizing their full potential due to low client retention and redemption rates, time delays, and high costs. That’s where Libra Incentix comes in, with their new blockchain-based Loyalty Management System, LIX. It was the Covid-19 pandemic that made companies realize that they needed to join forces to break new grounds […]

YOP Finance Launches Three-Click Yield Farming Platform for DeFi

console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘Skip player from rendering’, ‘is single: , is main loop: 1, is main query: 1’);console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘trinity_content_filter’); Press Release: YOP Finance has launched a platform that lets users earn the highest passive income on their crypto across top blockchain platforms from a clean, simple, and easy-to-use application.   May 24th, 2022, Seychelles – YOP Finance, […]

Floki Completes Charitable School Project in Nigeria

One of the pillars of the Floki project is charity. Everything the Floki Team does is dedicated to improving the world, whether through developments in crypto and the metaverse or “IRL” charitable giving. To that end, the Floki Team is excited to announce that the school project in Nigeria has been completed. This state-of-the-art school, […]

​​Meet Michael Arrington and Dr. Chandra Duggirala at the Online World Crypto Economic Forum

The World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF) will take place online on June 2&3rd, and will gather over a hundred speakers, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and industry leaders for a discussion of the latest trends both in the business (Web3, DeFi, DAO, NFT, Meta, IDO, etc.) and technological worlds (everything blockchain). Three years ago, we convened at […]

The First Virtual WASM Conference: A 1-Day Virtual Event Dedicated to the Polkadot Smart Contracts

The First Virtual WASM Conference will be held on May 31st, 2022. Free registration: 1500+ attendees will be at this virtual event, the registration is free. The conference is pioneered by Supercolony venture studio and supported by Polkadot Treasury. Business stage, Technical stage, Expo zone, and Networking zone! We will bring together key WASM […]

4 Ways to Earn Passive Income With Crypto in 2022

Are you wondering how to increase your passive income streams through Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Want to know how to grow your cryptocurrency earnings with minimal effort? As cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, it opens opportunities for passive income. The idea of creating passive income with cryptocurrency is to make money 24/7 without you being actively […]

AI-inspired NuCoin Hits Exchanges and Announces Bounty

NuCoin (NUC) is the asset of the world’s first AI-inspired native blockchain NuGenesis. NuGenesis a fully zero-carbon L1 solution ecosystem that relies on neither electricity/PoW nor human validators/PoS. Instead, it adopts Proof of Authority powered by dual-layer AI and GRANDPA. NuGenesis also operates LedgerX, the DEX, and a triple-blockchain parallel processing chain that runs on […]

NASDAQ Features Floki as One of the Best Metaverse Projects to buy in 2022

Floki shocked the crypto world in 2021 with an aggressive, global marketing campaign that spanned continents and featured partnerships with major football clubs and Formula 1’s Alfa Romeo team. In under six months, Floki emerged from a rocky origin to become a top 70 crypto project by market cap at $3.5b, before correcting with the […]

Following French Montana, Son Tung M-TP, One of Vietnam’s Top Celebrity Singers, Joins Radio Caca’s USM Metaverse

The Vietnamese music celebrity’s videos have garnered close to 2.5 billion lifetime views on Youtube. RACA Hits a High Note Radio Caca (RACA), one of the world’s leading Web 3.0 companies, today announced the collaboration between Radio Caca and Vietnamese celebrity singer Son Tung M-TP, who will join its United States of Mars (USM) Metaverse. […]