Network Fee Optimization Solution by NOWPayments

NOWPayments’ Network Fee Optimisation Helps Businesses Save on Fees NOWPayments, a crypto payment gateway, has launched a new network fee optimization solution. The solution allows the NOWPayments system to analyze current network fees and pick the most profitable option out of the client’s wallet. This feature benefits all businesses, especially those with over 2000 transactions […]

Floki Celebrates One Year Birthday by Launching Token Into Space

Floki just turned a year old and is sending a strong message by sending a 3D Floki token into the stratosphere. Widely known as the people’s cryptocurrency, Floki disrupted the crypto industry in its first year with its aggressive marketing campaigns that made the cryptocurrency a household name. A Disruptive Marketing Campaign That Put Floki […]

World Crypto Conference 2022 for the First Time Held in Zurich, Switzerland

For the first time, the privately organized cryptocurrency conference – World Crypto Conference 2022 – will take place between 13-15 January 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland. This time with an opportunity for participants to discuss the following key topics: the future of NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi. The World Crypto Conference aims to enable attendees to buy […]

Web3 Delight Lagos – Breaking Barriers to Pave the Way for the Digital Future

Lagos, Nigeria – SwiftMotion Media, a fully capitalized micro-VC, an investment arm of the UAE-based management consultancy Agile Dynamics, presents Web3 Delight Lagos. This in-person and online event takes place on July 29th, 2022, featuring speakers from Ecuador and Mexico, the US and Russia to Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates to South Korea. SwiftMotion […]

Future-Oriented, Bib Exchange Puts Focus on Security and Stability

The cryptocurrency space has been at the fastest-growing pace ever since the inception of Bitcoin. Associated with this, there’s a significant increase in new trends emerging every year, ranging from the original ICO to the unparalleled NFT. Escorted by a fantastic amount of innovation and development just a few years away, crypto companies face the […]

XELS Positions NFT-Based Platform as Future of Corporate Climate Action Disclosure

console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘Skip player from rendering’, ‘is single: , is main loop: 1, is main query: 1’);console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘trinity_content_filter’); Press Release: Corporate climate action disclosure platform Xels uses NFT-based platform to promote a greener, healthier planet.    June 20th, 2022, Tokyo, Japan – Eco-technology platform Xels is positioning itself as the future of decentralized climate action disclosure […]

Swaap Launches First Market Neutral Automated Market Maker that Resists Impermanent Loss

A new approach to solving Impermanent Loss? Automated Market Maker (AMM) users are losing billions of dollars every year to Impermanent Loss. A recent academic study also pointed out that around 50% of Uniswap v3 liquidity providers (LPs) experienced negative returns. So far, we have seen some AMM protocols trying to tackle the issue of […]

Nigeria and Arsenal Football Club Legend Nwankwo Kanu Signs for

console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘Skip player from rendering’, ‘is single: , is main loop: 1, is main query: 1’);console.debug(‘TRINITY_WP’, ‘trinity_content_filter’); Press Release: Nwankwo Kanu (Papilo) has joined the growing Global Ambassador team which also includes King Kaka, Tekno Miles, and Cassper Nyovest.   June 17, 2022, TALLINN, Estonia —   Football icon Nwankwo Kanu has signed as […]

The International Summit MetaVentures Bangkok Will Be Held on December 1-2, 2022

MetaVentures – presents its second unique event in Thailand. The exclusivity of the event opens the door to business and investment opportunities targeting a broad international audience. Investments, Blockchain, Metaverse and NFT, Biotech, DeFi, DAO, Digital Art, mining, payment systems, and digital asset regulation are just some of the list of topics that will be […]