GaStream (GSTRM), StreamCoin’s Latest Utility Token Revealed Via Airdrops!

StreamCoin recently announced the launch of GaStream (GSTRM), a utility token created to support the StreamCoin ecosystem. Among others, gas fees and node forming rewards are the primary uses for GSTRM. Moreover, this BEP-20 token was listed on exchanges and revealed through an airdrop on March 18, 2022.

StreamCoin is a Dubai-based crypto project that aims to provide video content creators a space to thrive and facilitate them to own and sell their content as NFTs. StreamCoin plans to achieve the objective by developing an ecosystem that comprises the Stream NFT Marketplace and the Stream Chain (Mainnet).

StreamCoin started its private sale round in November 2021. All the private sale allotment was sold out within the first two months. The start of 2022 saw the launch of StreamCoin’s public sale, which has yielded tremendous results. The public sale, which started on February 1, 2022, and will end on April 30, 2022, has a referral program that enables investors to get 100% rewards.

StreamCoin has 22 Official Telegram Communities with community members from all around the world. Each telegram community is dedicated to a specific language or country, where investors and participants have shown a lot of zeal. Many community members had repeatedly insisted on airdrops.

On March 15, 2022, StreamCoin teased its telegram members with a social media post depicting coins falling from the sky on parachutes. This social media post created a lot of hype among community members.

StreamCoin, which thrives on rewarding its investors, finally announced an airdrop on March 16, 2022, after the social media tease post. This airdrop started on March 18, 2022. The rewards distributed via the airdrops will be GaStream (GSTRM), where StreamCoin rewards 5 GTRM for every STRM to investors purchasing $50 or more worth of STRM during the ICO.

GaStream (GSTRM), the proudly introduced utility token, was listed on PancakeSwap on March 18, 2022, with other exchanges soon to follow. StreamCoin will utilize this token to reward users, pay for NFT minting and transaction fees, and other uses in the future within Stream Chain (Mainnet). Once GaStream (GSTRM) moves to Stream Chain, users can use the STRM token to form nodes and earn GSTRM rewards.

From the GaStream (GSTRM) supply, 33.33% is allocated for future rewards, while 66.66% is allocated to reward the ICO and presale investors. Any unclaimed GaStream will be burnt along with an additional 50% of that burned amount from future rewards allotment.

A great deal of information is yet to be revealed by the CEO of StreamCoin, Michael Ein Cahybeh. The CEO plans on wowing attendees at the World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC) on March 25 and 26, 2022, by revealing more interesting information during his keynote. 

StreamCoin will host a booth at the WLSC where its team will be there to present the project and answer all questions from the attendants.

Feel free to visit the WLSC official website to learn more about the conference and to book tickets:

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