What is the Best Crypto To Buy in 2023 – Aptos, VeChain, or Everlodge

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow, offering a wide array of investment opportunities. As we look ahead to 2023, three cryptocurrencies have garnered attention for their potential: Aptos (APT), VeChain (VET), and Everlodge (ELDG). In this article, we’ll explore the unique features of each and provide insights.

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Aptos (APT), Creating the Future of Finance

Aptos (APT), sparked interest in the crypto industry when it launched with a throughput of over 150,000 TPS. The scalability of blockchain has positioned Aptos network as a forward-looking cryptocurrency with a focus on revolutionizing finance.

The promise of a next-gen platform helped the Aptos crypto token increase by more than 600% at the start of 2023. Since setting an all-time high (ATH) at $19 in January, the price of APT has been on a decline.

While the decline in the broader crypto market contributed to its bearish trend, the Aptos coin has dropped relatively more. Trading at $5.01, crypto experts still consider APT a fair investment, largely because of the growth of the Aptos DeFi ecosystem.

Coinbase Will List VeChain, Experts Expect VET To Rally

VeChain (VET) has gained popularity as a blockchain platform that focuses on providing real-world solutions for businesses. As the adoption of the platform grows, Coinbase, the second-largest crypto exchange has announced that it will list the VeChain coin, VET, on September 13.

In addition, Coinbase will also list VeThor (VTHO) – another token on the VeChain network. Reacting to the news, there has been an influx of buyers in the VET market. On September 12, the daily trading volume of VET increased by more than 190%. 

In addition, the price of VeChain jumped by 7.5% to trade as high as $0.01600, facing a rejection at this price level. However, crypto experts have predicted that the listing will give the VeChain price enough momentum to trade above this resistance and rally as high as $0.01750.

Investors Flock Into Everlodge’s Real Estate Investment Platform

Everlodge (ELDG) is a new platform attracting investors from across the crypto space because of its new unique approach. Leveraging blockchain, NFTs, and Web technologies, Everlodge will allow investors to own fractions of timeshare properties for as little as $100.

Investors who own fractionalized NFT shares can benefit from value appreciation and rental income. Additionally, users can use their property-backed NFT as collateral for short to medium loans. The Everlodge utility token (ELDG) token powers the entire ecosystem. 

Token holders will enjoy access to multiple free nightly stays annually. The Everlodge token offers holders discounts on property purchases in the marketplace, as well as the ability to use $ELDG as a payment currency within the Everlodge ecosystem. 

They can also stake their tokens to earn passive income. With an all-rounded platform, crypto experts have predicted that the price of Everlodge will increase higher than Aptos and VeChain in 2023, reaching an ROI of 35x. With this prediction, the current price of ELDG at $0.016 stands as the best investment opportunity in the crypto market.

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