Uniglo.io Token Has Assigned Value With Assets, DeFi Like Uniswap And Pancakeswap Have No Price Protection

Today, the prices of assets are based on speculation and have no relation to their underlying value. This has led to a volatile and unpredictable market where prices can drop suddenly and unexpectedly. This is especially true for tokens not pegged to assets like those found on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Meanwhile, Uniglo.io, a new type of community-owned token, aims to provide price stability by being backed by various assets. This means the token’s value is not based on speculation but on the underlying value of this basket, called the GLO vault. This makes the token less volatile and more predictable, which is ideal for investors looking for stability.

How Uniglo maintains stability?

Uniglo is an innovative concept in the DeFi space to tame market volatility and deliver a hyper-deflationary, asset-backed token that can hedge against inflation.

Uniglo’s GLO vault, a diverse portfolio of assets, serves as a safe haven. A treasury funded by buy-and-sell taxes gives $GLO a value-backed minimum value, implying that this single token represents a diverse portfolio.

Uniglo’s portfolio includes both major and minor-size cryptos, as well as stablecoins, NFTs, and digitized tangible assets like gold, luxury physical assets, and real estate, which have traditionally proven to be an effective store of value.

With the support of the GLO vault, two distinct burning mechanisms, and the upcoming presale token destruction that will continually lower the GLO supply, GLO is on a stable development path and is likely to surpass $1 quickly after its launch.

Uniswap Overview

The decentralized exchange Uniswap enables peer-to-peer market making. The Uniswap platform can facilitate trading any digital token corresponding to Ethereum’s ERC-20 technical standard. As an automated market maker, Uniswap employs smart contracts made possible by blockchain technology.

Users of Uniswap can form liquidity pools, offer liquidity, and exchange a variety of digital assets safely.

Though UNI is a viable investment option for many, bears have eventually gained control and led UNI to plummet dramatically.

Pancakeswap Performance

Binance Smart Chain’s DEX and AMM solution, PancakeSwap (CAKE), is based on the Uniswap protocol. The PancakeSwap exchange, launched in September 2020, provides a permissionless means to swap BEP20 tokens or tokens issued on BSC. Users may maximize the benefits of supplying liquidity to specific trading pairs by trading, contributing to liquidity pools, and farming LP tokens.

PancakeSwap’s utility token, CAKE, may be staked for additional CAKE or SYRUP, the platform’s liquid asset.

The market crisis has had a profound effect on CAKE as well, just like it did on UNI, because CAKE’s price is entirely based on speculation and is not anchored to any peg.

The Bottom Line

Finding a strategy to shield your native coin from market volatility and establishing a stable environment is essential for any DeFi firm. Thus, while the present crypto bears have been a traumatic experience for many market veterans, it has also become a valuable lesson for an emerging gem Uniglo. Uniglo thrives to battle volatility and gives stability through its asset-backed hyper-deflationary character.

Learn More On Uniglo:

Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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