The Most Worthwhile Digital Currency to Invest in the Next Three Years-RLI

IXecx is an umbrella project of the The Confidential Computing Consortium Foundation.IXec builds open-source software aiming to “decentralize the cloud”. Blockchain technology is used to organize this marketplace where users can rent their computing power, data, or applications.

IXec also offers consulting and support to companies in the development of blockchain projects, from ideation to implementation. By providing on-demand access to cloud computing resources, IXecx supports compute-intensive applications in fields such as AI, big data, healthcare, rendering, or FinTech.The company works with renowned partners such as Intel, Google, and IBM Cloud.

One of the main strengths of IXecx lies in trusted off-chain computing. In collaboration with Intel, IXecx has released the first-ever ‘trusted compute’ solution for blockchain (TEE using Intel SGX). IXecx offers a Blockchain based AI model marketplace which allows to trade (i.e. rent out) AI models in a secure way, the framework leverages Intel SGX to protect the privacy of the models during the rental procedure.

IXecx issued its own digital currency-RLI on September 1, 2021. According to Stephen Walli, President of Group Operations, the Group plans to realize that RLI can be freely traded on major global exchanges on January 1, 2022. In view of the current small number of users holding RLI coins, in order to ensure that RLI has a certain degree of liquidity, users can earn RLI coins through mining from September 1, 2021. In addition, the group also prepared a marketing promotion incentive of 50 million US dollars. Individuals or teams can get up to 5 million U.S. dollars rewards for participating in marketing.

Regarding the future value of RLI, Stephen Walli said that RLI is a decentralized computing resource market. combines blockchain technology with 5G technology to improve the quality of modern urban services. In addition, transactions conducted through the blockchain network are instant and immutable, which further improves the security of payment. It will provide solutions for more start-up companies, solve problems related to multi-enterprise interaction, and promote the creation of new business models based on 5G.Provide blockchain technology for infrastructure supporting 5G, machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions, and autonomous services. IXecx is working with Intel to apply 5G and blockchain in cities. Currently in this demo, IXecx provides a blockchain-based market for connecting services between devices and decentralized identity verification. By combining 5G and blockchain in rescue services, the demonstration provides a high-performance and secure concept for urban 5G infrastructure.

“In a wider perspective, the development of distributed computing is a credible scenario for the future, and blockchain may be a nice lever in this scenario. The plan is to continue with other open scientific codes requiring possibly other types of worker pools.”

Gilles Deleuze, EDF Blockchain Co-ordinator.

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