Solana Wallet Offerings Look Meagre Against New Bitcoin Spark Wallet Utility

Cryptocurrency is an industry that is taken for granted in the modern days. Most individuals need to learn of the potential financial freedom embedded within the ecosystem. When Satoshi Nakamoto generated blockchain technology, the goal was to take power from the monetary system and give it to individuals or citizens. This, therefore, led to decentralization. Digital currencies such as Solana have risen steadily. However, Bitcoin Spark is considered the new network that will change the perception of the ledger technology. 

Solana Wallet And Its Uses

Solana is a platform within the blockchain ecosystem that uses a proof-of-stake mechanism in conducting transactions. The native currency of the platform is known as SOL which acts as a governance token for the community. Solana Wallet permits clients to communicate with other decentralized platforms and the community’s  dapps (decentralized applications).  

Bitcoin Smart Wallet Has Various Utilities

In technological development,  several projects have emerged and failed to maintain their frame in the capitalist world. This can be attributed to the need for a unique goal to intrigue global individuals to participate in their development consistently. On the other hand, Blockchain has one of the distinct projects that will take over in captivating attention from several nations. The new project is called Bitcoin Spark. The project aims to solve the disputes embedded within the ledger system by providing multiple means of revenue generation.

Bitcoin Spark was developed by two individuals (Steven Kurtz and Dylan Ashford) who believe in the existence and development of a decentralized ecosystem. The project has a marketing strategy that will make it have success when it comes to the start of the ICO  towards the launch period. The marketing strategy involves storytelling, utilizing technology such as data analytics, and tactical positioning.

The native currency of Bitcoin Spark is BTCS which acts as fuel for the community and a reward for active project participants. The total supply of BTCS is 21 million, which will be allocated as follows: public ICO, mining rewards, team tokens, liquidity pools, and exchanges. The initial stage of the ICO phase will commence on August 1st with a price peg of $1.50 per BTCS. Users actively participating in the project until the launch (November 30th) will receive 800% profit for the first ICO stage.

Bitcoin Spark utilizes a consensus mechanism known as proof-of-process (PoP). Proof-of-process integrates proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, and a notable algorithm that inhibits linear reward systems established on raw processing power. Bitcoin Spark’s network is self-sufficient, permitting fair rewards between large and small participants. Rewards are given out through staking; however, it does not work in a manner that the more you stake, the more you earn. 


Digital currencies such as Solana came with a big banger having aspects that depict an improvement from the two leading cryptos (Bitcoin and Ethereum). Solana emerged with distinctive traits in terms of transactional speed, scalability, interoperability, and fewer transactional fees. However, Bitcoin Spark is a network that has come to create several ways where participants in Blockchain can earn an income. This includes mining, staking, and holding BTCS. The project’s marketing strategy and roadmap are clear evidence of futuristic development.

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