Solana Explorer shows off Ramping into Bitcoin Alternatives like Bitcoin Spark

Solana is among the leading blockchain platforms, offering its clients various perks. The network was created to improve decentralized traits such as transactional speed, interoperability, and scalability. Bitcoin and Ethereum have less TPS making the transactional cost to be high. Bitcoin Spark will consider all these problems through its proof-of-process mechanism, facilitating sustainability within the network. 

Solana Explorer helps Developers

Solana is a ledger network suggested in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko and launched in 2020. The native token of the blockchain is SOL, which acts as fuel for the community. Solana has an explorer that clients can utilize for viewing transactions, programs, blocks, accounts, and tokens across the cluster of the ecosystem. The devnet cluster also permits developers to test decentralized applications, enable settings and connect to custom RPC URLs.

Bitcoin Spark Considered as Bitcoin’s Alternative

Bitcoin Spark is the new blockchain network that will create insights from one nation to another. The project was created to counter multiple ways for network earning to blockchain participants. Bitcoin is a prominent network but contains defaults such as transaction speed  (7TPS), mining centralization, lack of smart contracts, and high transaction costs. Bitcoin Smart will improve transaction speed by decreasing time per block and increasing individual transactions in an individual block.

The network also has a smart contract layer allowing blockchain developers to create applications using different programming languages. Bitcoin’s mining is centralized, where the rich with access to mining equipment and processing power will have higher rewards than the smaller participants. Bitcoin Spark solves this problem by rendering its processing power to clients who wish to participate in mining activities. All they need are electronic devices that can utilize up to 50 Mbps.

Bitcoin Spark’s native currency is BTCS which acts as the gas token for the ecosystem. Clients who participate in the platform’s progress will receive rewards at the end of each task. The maximum supply of the tokens is 21 million; the launch supply will be 4.55 million. Additionally, the tokens will be distributed to liquidity and exchanges, team tokens, mining rewards, and public ICO. The initial coin offering phase 1 will commence on August 1st at $1.50.

Clients who will partake till the end of the project will receive 800% profit for the first stage. Bitcoin Spark uses a consensus mechanism that combines PoS and PoW with a specialized system that allows linear allocation of rewards. The platform’s marketing strategy is promising, indicating its development and acceptance by the global population. Moreover, the roadmap is completely outlined such that a newbie can comprehend what happens from the first stage to the launch period.

Bottom Line

Projects such as Solana have saved a lot of individuals from the transactional cost conducted in Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. Solana is a promising platform that will develop gradually towards the highest peaks. However, Bitcoin Spark, considered an alternative to Bitcoin, will carry blockchain technology to unseen limits. The project has a state-of-the-art consensus mechanism and leverages the ledger technology for its operations. Its marketing strategy is superficial, and individuals around the globe will find the project interesting, hence its adoption.

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