NFT Show Europe Maps Out the Metaverse by Connecting Blockchain Innovators With Immersive Digital Artists

Valencia August 12th, 2022: During the weekend of the 17th and 18th of September, the Mediterranean city of Valencia will host the first edition of NFT Show Europe (#NFTSE22). This leading-edge event plans to ‘map out the metaverse’ by connecting blockchain innovators with world-class immersive digital artists.

Conceived as an accelerator for metaverse creativity, #NFTSE22 shakes up the traditional conference format with experimental and interactive art, robotic screen choreographies, and VR experiences. The event is attracting technologists, brands, and investors keen to understand the potential of this explosive new industry.

“Visitors will have the chance to jump into virtual reality or participate in creating collaborative works with some of today’s most sought-after artists,” explains Patrick Cyrus, Marketing Manager of #NFTSE22.

“They can use custom #NFTSE22 AR filters, experience metaverse installations, or mint exclusive interactive NFTs. It’s a celebration of today’s latest innovations and the place where tomorrow’s key collaborations will be made.”

Confirmed #NFTSE22 speakers include:

  • Hide Uehara, Director of Business Development for Square Enix (Final Fantasy)
  • Sam Hamilton, Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation
  • Takayaki Suzuki, Head of Mobile at MTV Japan
  • Laurent Perello, TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor
  • Zancan, the highest-selling artist on the Tezos network
  • Kim Asendorf, the creator of the first animated GIF sent into deep space and the creator of one of the most known pixel sorting algorithms.
  • Ganbrood, Jenni Pasanen, Sofia Crespo, and Ivona Tau are GAN and Artificial Intelligence art pioneers, pushing the boundaries of machine-artist creativity.

Surfing the Metaverse Wave in a Bear Market

In just a few days, visitors from more than twenty countries registered for #NFTSE22. The organizers see the wave of interest in metaverse as driving ticket sales for the event, with brands and investors looking to solidify partnerships during the bear market.

“The community is more active than ever and looking to make new connections before we enter the next bull phase,” adds Cyrus.

The tickets for #NFTSE22 are available online in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, including ETH and Tezos.

More about NFT Show Europe #NFTSE22

#NFTSE22 will be held in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain. After being selected as the World Design Capital and the home of the finals of the Davis Cup, the city is positioned as one of the most attractive event cities in Europe.

#NFTSE22’s first edition is sponsored by essential names such as HP, Polkadot, Zeroframe, Innoarea, Unique Networks, BaumBuddy, and Bitnovo, among others. It is set to become the leading European meeting point for digital art, NFT artists, collectors, and blockchain innovators.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. NullTX is an official media sponsor of NFT Show Europe.

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