MXC Exchange Lists SCRT, The Data Privacy Asset Of Secret Network

Seychelles, March 2, 2021 – MXC Exchange (, a fast, safe and simple cryptocurrency exchange for both new and experienced traders, brings its 18th M-Day Session to the community. Secret (SCRT) is the latest M-Day program candidate crypto traders and holders can gain exposure to.

As is customary, MXC Exchange prides itself on protecting user’s interests at all times. This 18th M-Day offering comes with Redemption Right for all participants. Users who do not sell their SCRT tokens within 24 hours after the project goes live on the exchange can have the assets for the exchange of the sale token returned to them.

Similar to other M-Day events in the past, participants will partake in a lucky-draw model:

  1. Ticket claim: 09:00 – 17:00 (UTC+8), March 4th
  2. Draw result will be released at 19:00 (UTC+8), March 4th
  3. Asset exchange will be made at 19:30 (UTC+8), March 4th

Participants can earn eligibility for the 18th M-Day round through trading (spot, margin, and leveraged ETFs for major cryptocurrencies) or holding USDT in your MXC Exchange account. The trading round awards 280 winning tickets of 30 SCRT each, with the USDT round awarding 270 winningtickets for 25 SCRT tokens each. Holders of MX tokens can claim an additional number of tickets based on their trading or USDT positions.

If previous M-Day events are any indication, partaking in the SCRT round is a no-brainer. Going back over the past few M-Day rounds, investors earned a return between 64.83% and 1,300%. That level of performance is only available to those who actively participate in trading on MXC Exchange or have USDT positions in their account.

MXC Exchange Director of Global Marketing Alex Zha states:“We always strive to provide our customers with broad access to different cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystems. Secret Network provides privacy-preserving smart contracts, something the industry has never seen before. Through our M-Day event, we want to bring this product to MXC users at an early stage, providing them with significant return on investment potential.”

Secret Network provides secure and private computation over encrypted data. It brings privacy-preservation to smart contracts, something that has not been possible to date. Making use of encrypt data without revealing it to anyone – including network nodes – is a game-changer in the industry. Use cases for this technology include, but are not limtied to – decentralized finance, the healthcare industry, gaming, machine learning, and so forth.

The network consists of secret nodes leveraging trusted execution environments. Network validators must stake the SCRT token to maintain the network. This token is also used for transaction fees and governance voting.

As a Cosmos SDK and Tendermint-based blockchain, Secret Network maintains independent consensus while benefiting from the cross-chain compatibility that Cosmos’ IBC introduces.

You can find more information about Secret Network on the websiteTwitter, and Telegram.

About MXC Exchange

Established in April 2018, MXC Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital-asset trading platforms which offers users one-stop services including spot, margin, leveraged ETF, derivatives trading and staking services. The core members of the team come from world-class enterprises and financial companies, who have rich experience in blockchain and financial industries. We offer the most comprehensive marketplace where global crypto traders, miners and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks, and formulate their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks. For more information, please visit

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