“Meme coins will never have a predictable growth curve” says top DeFi analysts

The fast-paced cryptocurrency world is known for its volatile nature, and traders rely on forecasts to make crucial decisions. Investors base their arguments on solid predictions while considering practical use cases like in the case of AI crypto. Meme coins are an exception, and according to top Defi analysts, meme coins are particularly difficult to forecast as they lack a predictable growth curve. This leaves investors wondering whether to take the risk and dive in or steer clear altogether. In the ever-changing industry, one thing remains certain: predicting the future of meme coins is no easy feat.

What Is A Meme Coin?

A meme coin is a cryptocurrency deriving its value, popularity, and, most importantly, survival, from social media trends and influencers. A meme coin features a trending image and is named after a well-known internet meme, celebrity, or cultural icon. Most meme coins are marketed to mock and substitute traditional cryptocurrencies. The bright perspective of a meme coin involves a way of attracting a new audience to cryptocurrency by riding on the power of social media, thus generating a buzz and reaching a wider fanbase.

However, meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Babydoge, are risky and speculative investments as their value depends on hype and social media trends. Their prices can be subject to extreme drops or spikes, yet meme coins have no real value or utility.

Why AI Crypto?

AI Crypto refers to blockchain-based AI platforms combining the intelligence of AI with cryptocurrency technology to bring real utility solutions. The platform uses AI algorithms to help users mine, trade, and store their cryptocurrency more efficiently and securely. By incorporating AI, users benefit from various AI-based tools made possible through machine learning, natural language processing, content generation, and image recognition. 

Avorak AI

Avorak AI represents an innovative approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, combining the power of AI with the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain. Avorak AI has bundled its various tools, including chatbots, trade bots, and image and content generation, into a one-stop-shop solution. Avorak Trade bot helps traders monitor markets 24/7 and provides accurate signals after analyzing voluminous historical and present market data.

While the platform is still in phase four of its running ICO, it has shown the potential to bring significant benefits to the world of cryptocurrency and beyond. Avorak’s token, AVRK, is currently at $0.185, suggesting a 200% increase from its initial price. Early token holders are receiving 7% in bonuses and enjoy the benefits of reduced token prices. When the AVRK token lists on the Azbit exchange after launch, ICO holders will enjoy privileges, including priority staking. It is also expected that the AVRK token will reach $0.27 at launch, a massive 350% increase from its initial price. The project’s success in its ICO has received positive accolades in YouTube videos and attracted a strong community.

Among Avorak AI’s suite of AI tools is the Avorak Write which solves the prevailing shortfalls of current AI assistants in the market by generating original non-repetitive content delivered according to the user’s preferred style.

Why Meme Coin Lacks A Growth Curve?

Memes do not depict an inherent growth curve as traditional investments do. While meme coins may experience growth in the short term due to hype and social media trends, their long-term prospects are uncertain and difficult to predict. Furthermore, the popularity of memes is subject to changing trends and tastes, making it difficult to sustain long-term growth. If the current $258 million suit of manipulation against Twitter CEO is anything to go by, we may witness a fizzle in future hypes.


Meme coins often lack technical innovation and real-world applications, making it difficult for them to attract sustained investment and support from the broader cryptocurrency community. Therefore, investors are comfortable investing in the potential of AI crypto projects like Avorak AI.

More Avorak AI information and its ICO:

Website: https://avorak.ai

Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register

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