KuCoin Pays $22,000,000 for Lawsuit, Everlodge Aims to Revolutionize Real Estate

KuCoin exchange recently made a big move, affecting the residents of New York. Apparently, the platform has made actions to restrict New Yorkers from trading on its platform following a lawsuit filed against them. Conversely, Everlodge embarks on a fresh path to revolutionize real estate management with blockchain at its center of operation. This potentially signals Everlodge the best crypto investment for real estate investors.

Latest on KuCoin News: KuCoin Pays $22 Million to Settle Lawsuit

Back in, US based Attorney General, Letitia James sued Seychelles-based KuCoin exchange, alleging that the platform neglected to register with the state before enabling investors to trade cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is now settling this lawsuit by making a drastic move.

On Tuesday, Attorney James made a statement saying “crypto companies should understand that they must play by the same rules as other financial institutions”. Following this statement, KuCoin has agreed to restrict all New York’s residents from trading on the KuCoin exchange.

Subsequently, KuCoin is paying a sum of $22 million to settle this lawsuit. This KuCoin settlement of $22 million comprises a $5.3 million payment to the state and the reimbursement of $16.7 million in cryptocurrency to 177,800 investors from New York who have previously traded with KuCoin.

Everlodge to Disrupt Real Estate With It’s Unique Offerings

Everlodge is a groundbreaking force in real estate management and investment that is set to revolutionize the way we perceive property ownership. Being the world’s first property marketplace, it combines fractional vacation home ownership and NFT technology, creating a synergy that transcends traditional norms.

Asides allowing users to invest in fragments of high-value properties. Everlodge ensures transparency, as all titles, deeds, and ownership details are securely stored in the metadata of the smart contract.

Interestingly, you’ll be able to co-own a villa as expensive as $3 million with just $100– this is where AirBnb meets Web3, a transformative intersection of accessibility and luxury. Everlodge is the best crypto investment for you if you’re into real estate.

Everlodge’s ecosystem is a multifaceted marvel, featuring a Marketplace where users can seamlessly buy, sell, and invest in fractional real estate on the blockchain. As the best new crypto to invest in, Everlodge isn’t just about ownership; it’s about generating a passive income while being part of a community-driven initiative. 

Additionally, The $ELDG token unlocks a world of advantages – from discounts on property purchases to using $ELDG as a payment currency within the Everlodge ecosystem. This poses the token as one of the top crypto coins to launch soon.

It doesn’t end there, as token holders enjoy free stays, qualify for giveaways and raffles, and can even stake their tokens for a fixed monthly interest. You can buy the token now for just $0.027 in its ongoing presale.

Everlodge is poised to disrupt the timeshare market. By introducing a hybrid co-ownership model, Everlodge empowers its community to own multi-million dollar vacation homes with minimal financial commitment. In addition to being one of the top crypto coins to expect, Everlodge is going to reshape the real estate landscape.

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