Ethereum ($ETH) Still in The Red, Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) and Borroe ($ROE) Surge in Value

Ethereum’s ($ETH) continued drops have propelled many holders to embrace Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) and Borroe ($ROE). Top experts believe that Borroe ($ROE) could soon rise to the top of the market due to its highly innovative features and outstanding real-life utility. Let’s see why crypto enthusiasts praise Borroe ($ROE) as one of the best cryptos to invest in August 2023.


Ethereum ($ETH) Resumes Bearish Trend

Ethereum ($ETH) bears expect more significant drops as Ethereum ($ETH) holders continue to buckle under the increased selling pressure. Thus, major analysts predict that Ethereum ($ETH) could decrease below the $1,400 threshold during the first weeks of September.

However, bulls are confident that Ethereum ($ETH) will soon manage to surpass the $1,700 range due to several positive developments in the Ethereum ($ETH) camp. For example, the British adult content company OnlyFans recently made an Ethereum ($ETH) investment worth $19,889 million.

Furthermore, Ethereum’s ($ETH) trading volume has surged over the last 24 hours. Hence, some experts believe that Ethereum ($ETH) is bound to consolidate its figures in the forthcoming term.

Will Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) Surge Over $200?

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) supporters believe that the token’s recent surges above $198 could signal the beginning of a lengthy bullish trend in Bitcoin Cash’s ($BCH) market performance. Thus, many experts evaluate Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) as one of the best coins to invest in the current crypto market.

On top of that, analysts believe that Bitcoin Cash’s ($BCH) listing on the new crypto exchange EDX Markets could provide a significant boost to the token’s imminent price movements.

Therefore, bulls predict that Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) could soon reclaim its price figures from the beginning of August when Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) traded above the $240 range. On the other hand, bears expect that Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) could drop below the $180 level if it fails to consolidate above $200 during the following week.

Borroe ($ROE) Offers Excellent Gains and Many Exclusive Benefits

Borroe ($ROE) is a cutting-edge AI-powered funding marketplace that allows Web3 participants and content creators to obtain upfront funds from future recurring revenues. On top of that, Web3 businesses can utilize Borroe ($ROE) to generate instant cash flow by minting NFT representations of future and outstanding voices that are then sold at reduced prices in the Borroe ($ROE) marketplace.

The deflationary Borroe ($ROE) token will be launched on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon and bring various outstanding benefits such as selling and repayment rewards, discounted fees, invoice buying, social media share2earn, and governance membership. In addition, Borroe ($ROE) has been audited by BlockAudit and recently launched its smart contract address.

Borroe ($ROE) is currently selling for just $0.0125, which means that Stage 1 investors could obtain impressive 220% gains when the token surges to the $0.040 presale target. On the other hand, adopters will receive 20% gains as early as the next presale stage, when the token’s price will surge to $0.0150. Major experts single out Borroe ($ROE) as the best cryptocurrency to buy today, so make sure to join the public presale!

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