DO-GI-OH Project Native Token $DGH Launches on Polygon (MATIC)

DO-GI-OH project launch on the 29th of January will be accompanied by the launch of the ecosystem’s native currency, $DGH, on Polygon (MATIC), which was designed to be an interoperable utility for in-game transactions, character and upgrade purchases,  and more.

The sale of $DGH through a native IBCO available at would be a  new launch approach for the token’s distribution. Installing a DEX through  QuickSwap would allow for more trading and arbitrage opportunities. In essence, at the time of launch, the total number of tokens will be zero, the price of $DGH will be zero, and every purchase at IBCO will mint new tokens, while every sale will burn $DGH. Beyond the first month, IBCO will be decommissioned, resulting in a fixed supply with no new tokens being issued after that date, and the only trading pool accessible will be hosted on DEX, in this instance QuickSwap, with bridging pools on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

“The Initial Bonding Curve project launching approach, we feel, provides unique,  inventive, and appealing methods to introduce brand new NFT gaming projects, such as  DO-GI-OH. There are various reasons why IBCO provides better stability and possibility for long-term growth.” says the co-founder of DO-GI-OH.

Players may buy NFT avatars to play in the game, as well as upgrades and mintable NFT  skins with the $DGH token. The DO-GI-OH marketplace will include all of the skins, skill cards, and other commodities available for trade, as well as the ability to acquire and mint new NFTs. Additionally, all in-game wagers placed on fights and prize pools in tournaments and challenges will be resolved and performed with the ecosystem token. After IBCO’s shutdown, marketing events such as token buy-backs and burns may occur.

In the future, the $DGH utility token will be linked to additional protocols, including  Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum.

With the promise of DO-GI-OH Metaverse creation and bringing high-quality games to  Web 3, find out more about the DO-GI-OH project’s journey to reinvent the NFT gaming space in style by visiting

About the project:

DO-GI-OH, which is based on Polygon, aspires to establish a one-of-a-kind P2E  Metaverse that includes several games and lobbies where players can communicate and engage in special events, as well as the NFT marketplace and lounges where users may play their favorite games. The first debut game will be DO-GI-OH Fight Club – an action-packed, multi-level, skill-based fighting game that will put the industry’s finest — Doges,  Shibas, Flokis, and other dog-themed characters — against one another on a  battleground spanning many terrains.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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