CZ Fast Action Saves Binance Smart Chain, Oryen Network Team Grateful For Fast Action As Presale Remains Unaffected

CZ Saves the Day with Fast Action

This week Binance Smart Chain suffered a severe hack, with over $500 million stolen. Fortunately, CZ (Changpeng Zhao) coordinated an organized rescue mission, halting the attack and curtailing further losses. CZ showed commendable dedication to the Binance community, staying up late into the night and posting updates on Twitter. All 21 validators were in contact to update and firm up security, performing an exemplary example of how to act in a crypto crisis.

Hacks will happen, just as banks have been robbery targets since their advent. Networks invest masses of time, energy, and funds into making their systems unassailable, but the treasures are far too tempting for them to deter thieves. As we must accept that some hacks will penetrate the defenses, the capability of developers to launch countermeasures is becoming more relevant. CZ’s response was unprecedented in terms of speed and potency, demonstrating transparency for followers with clear communication. 

ORY Presale Remains Unaffected

Oryen Network is a brand new protocol currently in its first phase of presale, featuring the native token ORY. Fortunately for ORY, its presale remains unaffected by these recent events due to the swift retort. Oryen developer Gemini praised the effort, stating: ‘Great work from the Binance Smart Chain team yesterday with an exploit of that size. This bodes well for our future on the blockchain. Looking forward to building a strong, sustainable platform with everyone.’

Oryen features the innovative Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), which offers all holders recompense in rebase rewards, simply by holding the token present in their wallets. Profits are paid out every 60 minutes, 24 hours a day, guaranteeing an attractive 90% APY rate. In addition, the token is backed by the Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallet to support the currency’s value, along with the treasury, which funds new services and development projects.


CZ and his team have shown the crypto community how well they can fight off hacker attacks, meaning despite being the target of an attack, Binance Smart Chain remains one of the most secure places to entrust your assets. The Oryen team and buyers are grateful for the continuity shielding the presale. Early adopters are awarded an additional 15% bonus for joining during the first phase. ORY is available now (limited allocation).

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