ConsenSys Mesh Welcomes Radio Caca to Tachyon with Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator Program

Radio Caca, the creator behind United States of Mars (USM), one of the biggest Metaverses on the BNB Chain, announced today that it had been accepted into the Tachyon Accelerator program by ConsenSys Mesh. Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin founded ConsenSys Mesh in 2015. Through the partnership, Tachyon will help Radio Caca enter into the next phase of investment & growth via access to its network of experts, advisors & other Web 3.0 co-founders.

Founded in May 2021, Radio Caca is a Web 3.0 infrastructure solutions provider whose product line currently consists of the United States of Mars (3D Metaverse), Metamon, and two NFT marketplaces. One is a decentralized exchange (DEX) called Radio Caca NFT Markets, the other is a Profile Picture (PFP) platform called, and another is a 100% centralized NFT marketplace in the USM. Radio Caca has a strong and growing community with more than 604,000 Twitter followers, 500,000 Telegram members across global communities, and over 67,000 Discord members.

“We are excited to be one part of the Tachyon 2022 cohort. Together with the global network of experts and advisors, the experience in building pillars for the core blockchain development suite, and a wide array of industry partners, we will build a truly decentralized Metaverse with a robust economic system for the community,” said Fuming C, Head of Business Development at Radio Caca.

Meanwhile, Jeff Watney, core team member of Radio Caca, added:

“This is a testament to all the hard work that the RACA team has put in to be selected by the Tachyon Accelerator to be part of their Tachyon FLAIII Cohort. We always give our all to make this project the best it can be for our community. But, it is just the beginning of a revolution. Radio Caca will work tirelessly with other co-founders and start-ups in the Tachyon portfolio to create a truly decentralized Metaverse. The future is here.”

ConsenSys Mesh is an accelerator and incubator of blockchain technology solutions working with the most innovative companies in Web 3.0 and DeFi. Mesh takes essential innovations from the realm of Ethereum software development and fosters its real-life applications. It currently composes a portfolio of over 190 blockchain startups representing more than 249 founders and more than 5,000 individual community members.

University of Benin

Radio Caca also recently announced a partnership with the University of Benin, Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s leading educational institutions. The partnership was signed together with Blockchain Club UNIBEN and aims to boost the creation and development of the Radio Caca and USM Metaverse ecosystem.

The University of Benin is also a vital talent training center in the country. Some of the personalities who have passed through the institution include banker Emmanuel Agwoje, cybersecurity expert Tom Ilube, and energy mega-entrepreneur Benedict Peters.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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