Cardano Whales swim against the current in crypto downtrend, Shiba Inu Competitor broke $7m in presale, are you ready for launch?

High-profile investors shape crypto markets profoundly. The activity around ADA in the past week has been a testament to this effect. Some of these investors are joining the DigiToads ( TOADS) project as it heads for launch on 21st August 2023.

investor activity can have a profound effect on a token’s visibility. DigiToads (TOADS) is fresh off a presale that raised over $7 million. The investor boost is excellent for a new project as it increases the size of a vibrant community and gives the platform more capital to deliver on its roadmap.

DigiToads is a unique meme coin that adds utility to the market. This utility is in the form of a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem where users can create value. Additionally, this project has launched an exciting NFT collection  with minting already possible at

Cardano whales buck the trend 

The crypto market has been sluggish for a while now. However, Cardano’s recent on-chain statistics are surpassing expectations. ADA whales now hold between 100k and 10 million ADA, which is the highest level of whale accumulation in a year. Whales usually accumulate crypto when they anticipate a price rally.

ADA whale activity has made analysts curious about the immediate future of this token. It had long seemed like a second-rate project to Ethereum. However, their token accumulation is indicative of a belief in this project.

Unfortunately, the trend could also be preparation for some dumping action. This trend usually involves whales accumulating tokens and driving pricing upward only to sell off and result in a price crash for small investors. Nonetheless, ADA prices are now close to the $0.30 mark and will shift depending on the whale activity and further development on the platform.

DigiToads set to launch NFT staking 

The excitement around DigiToad’s upcoming launch is palpable. TOADs holders and new participants are gearing up for launch. Presale participants made a 400% return on investment (ROI) during the presale. At the launch price of $0.055, the ROI ticks up to 450% with the expectation that TOADS could easily become the next 100X token.

DigiToads is not taking the comfortable route of being a zero utility meme coin without a roadmap. Instead, the project goes to great lengths to ensure users can create value thereon and build sustainable token value.

The project is taking things to another level with the launch of NFT collectibles. Users can now mint NFTs to create unique digital assets on the platform. What’s more? NFT owners can stake their NFTs and earn a small percentage of TOADS transaction fees from their staked NFTs.

Anyone who has minted DigiToads NFTs can start staking on 21st August 2023 at 11 a.m. UTC. Staking NFTs is an incredible opportunity to make the most of your collection. This secondary opportunity adds inherent value to NFTs rather than just floating them in the NFT marketplace. Thereafter, you can claim earnings from your staking at any time. Users can also explore various ways to supercharge their earnings such as smart contract activity and grow their earnings significantly.

Users will be required to approve their wallet and NFT stage and then commence staking from 21st August 2023 at


A utility meme coin that offers NFT staking sounds like two or three projects at once. DigiToads seeks to improve on existing market solutions with these features. The presale success has set this project up for a historic launch. All eyes are on the launch date of 21st August for the market to experience this great token.

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