Can Liquid Craft NFTs Provide Solutions to Traditional Liquor Investment?

Liquid Craft has successfully launched its first liquor-backed NFT series titled Dragons and Bourbon as an introductory step to their eventual marketplace, launching in the coming months. The series is a collection of NFTs that are each backed by a premium bottle of liquid art, in the form of handcrafted bourbon. The small-batch is created especially for this release and is unavailable anywhere else.

The release is a new concept for the liquor investment industry and NFT space that provides solutions for both. They aim to provide an easier sales process for collectible liquors while also bringing tangible value to NFTs.

Buyers of the Dragons and Bourbon NFT series will also be eligible for airdrops of Liquid Craft’s native $CRAFT token, expected to go live at the end of December.

Dragons and Bourbon NFTs are available for minting here:

Liquid Crafts First NFT Collection – Dragons and Bourbon

Dragons and Bourbon is the first NFT series released from Liquid Craft and is a first step in the project’s roadmap of a complete marketplace of liquor-backed NFTs, from a wide array of international crafters.

This limited-edition release is a collaboration between Liquid Craft and The Heart Distillery, an award-winning distiller of handcrafted spirits from the Colorado town of Windsor. The Dragons and Bourbon NFTs are each backed by their own bottle of cask-strength, premium bourbon, carefully crafted, using a combination of their own homegrown and carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients.

ETH and BSC Options Available with Airdrops for All Buyers

The small-batch bourbon has been crafted in a limited capacity, which means this release is restricted to a total supply of 1500 NFTs, divided into two tiers.

Tier One is on the Ethereum network with 750 NFTs total. Every NFT is backed by a premium bottle of cask strength, 123 – proof, straight bourbon, housed in a sleek rounded bottle. Priced at 0.22 ETH each.

Tier Two is minted on the Binance Smart Chain with a total of 750 NFTs. Each NFT is backed by a bottle of premium 100 – proof, straight bourbon, in a square-shaped bottle. Priced at 0.75 BNB each.

All buyers of this initial NFT release will be eligible to receive airdrops of the Liquid Craft native token $CRAFT when it releases to the public. Depending on the tier purchased, the amounts will vary but both are substantial, with up to 4500 $CRAFT tokens for the ETH tier, and up to 1500 tokens for the BSC tier. Buyers are also being offered exclusive discounts and automatic entry to future promotions and competitions.

NFTs – A Genuine Use Case that Provides Solutions to Multiple Industries

Blockchain and the NFTs that are built on this technology provide the vehicle for genuine solutions in the craft liquor industry, for the crafters as well as collectors. Traditionally, trading physical products such as liquor, require a wide range of steps and processes that can be daunting for would-be collectors – brokers, transport, sufficient storage and handling, each creating its own unique barrier to entry.

NFTs and their simple trading methods can reduce the need for a majority of these processes when tied to the physical product. Collectors can trade the value of the physical product numerous times, while the product stays safely stored with the crafter in their specialist storage facilities. The NFT can at any point be redeemed for the physical product, which also removes it from circulation. Intermediaries are no more, the authenticity of the product is maintained, the storage is secure and transport is kept to a minimum.

Liquid Crafts Upcoming NFT Marketplace for International Crafters

The upcoming marketplace is a big objective for Liquid Craft and is seeking to provide a much-needed platform for the crafters of handcrafted liquor. In a time where many are seeing a significant drop in visitors and buyers due to the global pandemic, the marketplace could provide an additional revenue stream and a potential lifeline for those who jump on board.

The project is conducting a significant marketing drive leading up to the launch and will be using partners Coinpresso for direction in this phase. Coinpresso is a leading marketing agency in the crypto space offering SEO, web development, crypto copywriting, and general marketing services, who will be helping Liquid Craft with all marketing needs.

The NFTs and the marketplace Liquid Craft is providing will have a genuine use case and bring real value to the NFT space, while also delivering much-needed solutions to the world of traditional liquor investment. Crafters and collectors benefit greatly, and NFT collectors can now obtain NFTs that are based on more than speculation and hype.

The Dragons and Bourbon series is available for purchase now with updates for future releases available across their social media channels.

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