BitKeep & Zebec LaunchPad Whitelist Subscription Well Received

The BitKeep & Zebec LaunchPad whitelist application was officially open from March 15-March 17, with more than 30,000 users filing applications.

The number of people participating in the whitelist application was more than 25,000, but the project provided a total quota of 50,000U and only 100 slots. The BitKeep & Zebec LaunchPad whitelist subscription generated real hype in communities at home and abroad. The event was retweeted more than 16,400 times, and users got deeply engaged.

Zebec has long been favored and invested by many investor institutions (SOLANA VENTURES, OKEX, ALAMEDA RESEARCH, Lightspeed) and is listed on multiple major exchanges, including Huobi, OK, Gate, MECX, Bybit, BitMart. Zebec, as another BitKeep LaunchPad project, was well received. It was listed on OK, MECX, Huobi, Gate, and other exchanges and opened for trading on March 16th. The highest increase on the day of listing exceeded 300%, an outstanding performance for the subscribers.

Zebec Protocol (ZBC) is a continuous settlement protocol based on Solana’s blockchain, allowing users to settle transactions through Zebec instantly. “Continuous settlement” means to make ongoing payments to other accounts by the interval and amount set by the user.

As the first decentralized digital wallet to launch a LaunchPad section, BitKeep divided it into BitKeep Project and Aggregated Project. BitKeep LaunchPad will continue to bring more opportunities for users to participate in promising projects in their early stages.

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