AI-inspired NuCoin Hits Exchanges and Announces Bounty

NuCoin (NUC) is the asset of the world’s first AI-inspired native blockchain NuGenesis. NuGenesis a fully zero-carbon L1 solution ecosystem that relies on neither electricity/PoW nor human validators/PoS. Instead, it adopts Proof of Authority powered by dual-layer AI and GRANDPA. NuGenesis also operates LedgerX, the DEX, and a triple-blockchain parallel processing chain that runs on Delegated-revenue PoS and Consensus Before Packing.

Its Substrate-based main blockchain network offers unlimited scalability with continuously increasing parallel chains and networks for processing at VISA/Mastercard-comparable speeds with zero gas fees, including feeless NFT minting. It provides quad-blockchain cross-chain interoperability between LedgerX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NuGenesis/Polkadot/Cosmos. The platform allows tailoring products with the desired level of privacy vs. publicity and openness vs. permissionlessness vs. decentralization.

This blockchain infrastructure is ready for interactive NFTs, AR/VR, and Metaverse. “NU” in NuGenesis and NuCoin stands for “non-usury,” meaning the project distances itself from pump-and-dump schemes. To this respect, and also to protect itself from being considered a security, the project had no crowdfunding and launched a fully operational blockchain long before NUC became publicly available.

The project company has offices across 8 countries and 4 pending patents for its key infrastructure components. It also holds the Virtual Currency Wallet Service and Virtual Currency Against Fiat Currency licenses with AUSTRAC (Australia). NuGenesis creates new-generation smart contracts called Digital Notarized Contracts (DNC) and NFTs called Serialized Notarized Digital Assets (SNDA)™. It targets transnational corporations and governments that would like to implement infrastructure instruments and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).

On NuGenesis, each asset can be recovered in case of a private-key/mnemonic loss or owner’s death. For more effective and meaningful use of assets, will, trust, settlement, vesting, fragmentation, multi-signature, etc. conditions can be set per every single coin. To protect the network and assets from hacking, a hashing function is used as the System Notary, while the proprietary AI NAVIS replaces external oracles to make smart contracts compatible with standard real-world commercial applications.

NuGenesis goes even further and does not limit value representation to just tokens. On this blockchain, anything of value can be exchanged in a tokenless way. It is designed for mass adoption and offers new and existing projects easy and cheap customized blockchain implementation services. The project token NuCoin is listed on Azbit, Coinsbit, and Liquid.

From May 9 to June 5, 2022, NuGenesis holds a 100,000 NUC bounty. Users are encouraged to create videos and articles about the project and promote NuGenesis and NuCoin on social media to earn stakes that will be later converted into tokens. The rewards will be distributed within 2 months after the bounty ends to NUC addresses of qualified participants on Azbit.

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