After raising over $6.1 Million, Will DigiToads (TOADS) Follow the Footsteps of Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

Shiba Inu is one of the most popular meme coins that have been rolled over the past few years. What has propelled it to become one of the top cryptos to invest in is its strive to evolve. Be it the Shibarium upgrade or the NFT series, the meme coin has always been eager to upgrade its utility. Another meme coin that has been lauded by analysts for its growth potential is DigiToads (TOADS). Many experts are of the view that DigiToads can potentially even surpass Shiba Inu because of its dynamic economic framework. The Ethereum-based meme coin leverages hybrid DeFi to offer its users more ways to earn passive income and become financially independent.

DigiToads: The presale ico that everybody is talking about

DigiToads is a state-of-the-art crypto project that is built on a hybrid DeFi model. Its economic framework supports financial inclusion by offering crypto users more than one way to earn residual income. So, you can stake NFTs without having to visit another platform or trade tokens without registering on a decentralized exchange as all these opportunities are available on DigiToads.

The other options for earning passive income that you can explore on DigiToads are winning tokens in Web 3.0 games and getting rewards for actively participating on the platform.

The DigiToads team rolled out the cryptocurrency ico a few months ago and so far it has stunned everybody with its presale growth. The team had set aside 69% of the token supply for the presale process. The presale process is its ninth stage, but over 96% of the tokens are already sold. In terms of funding, the latest ico has raised over $6.1 million now.

What sets DigiToads apart from many new altcoins is its play-to-earn game which has 12 seasons in a year. The game’s popularity has been growing as it combines interesting gameplay with a lucrative rewards system and eye-catching graphics. At the end of every season, the top performers are rewarded with TOADS tokens.

To win the game, the players try to defeat their competitors in a virtual swamp that has been designed as an arena. An interesting feature of the game is its in-game assets. For instance, special virtual creatures DigiToads can help a player win the game with their supreme strength and unique powers. You can also purchase training equipment and food for your DigiToads.

Another opportunity that users can get with DigiToads is staking to earn rewards. Users can stake their TOADS NFTs and then earn cryptocurrencies. The rewards will vary from player to player depending on the time for which these assets are staked. To ensure that the staking rewards are regularly distributed, the DigiToads team has set up a staking pool which is maintained by diverting 2% of the proceeds from all TOADS transactions.

As part of its plans for the future, the DigiToads team will be opening the TOADS School – an online think tank for its community members. One of the key features of this think tank would be the knowledge sessions on cryptocurrencies that would be imparted to NFT holders.

What are analysts saying about Shiba Inu’s prospects?

A leading meme coin, Shiba Inu is one of the most traded crypto tokens of all time. The meme coin is another animal-themed token that’s inspired by a Japanese dog breed. Though its native token is SHIB and it’s used for all transactions on the network, the Shiba Inu team has rolled out two other tokens – BONE and LEASH – which have different purposes. The BONE token is a governance coin for the Shiba Inu network and the LEASH token is an exclusive coin meant for loyal supporters of the platform. Despite its token price witnessing its fair share of volatility, many analysts are of the view that the SHIB token would stay green over the long term.


If you are looking for the best altcoins for 2023, both Shiba Inu and DigiToads can be good options to consider. However, if you ask analysts, they are more likely to recommend DigiToads than Dogecoin as the former has a higher growth potential. Another USP that DigiToads has is its community-centric governance system where users are given the freedom to speak their minds about operational matters. The token holders also get voting rights to vote for proposals that might be pitched by other community members.

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