A Stellar Ascent: Decoding THORChain’s (RUNE) 65% Price Spike; Can InQubeta (QUBE) Join the Rally?

InQubeta (QUBE) has sold over $2.2 million in tokens early in its presale, but it’s not the only top altcoin generating interest with investors. THORChain (RUNE) prices have risen by over 65% in August and some cryptocurrency analysts are expecting InQubeta to enjoy similar growth once it’s launched on exchanges.

The structure of the InQubeta presale, with prices rising during each of its ten stages, puts early investors in place to 4x their capital while those who join now get to grow their investments by 300%. InQubeta’s presale growth will exceed THORChain’s recent rally and prices are anticipated to rise by over 100x once tokens hit exchanges.

The InQubeta project aims to speed up the growth of artificial intelligence by making investments easier to access. It provides win-win scenarios for both parties, powered by ERC20 tokens, smart contracts, and blockchain technology.

THORChain is another solution-based cryptocurrency project that’s emerged as a top altcoin thanks to its recent rally. It provides a decentralized protocol that allows users to sway assets across networks without losing custody of their assets in the process.

InQubeta (QUBE) expected to outperform RUNE as both emerge as top crypto coins

InQubeta’s growth potential is already being compared to Bitcoin (BTC), thanks to the many things the project has going in its favor like its link to AI, its easier-to-access investment opportunities, and the excellent tokenomics the project is built on.

The AI industry has grown significantly in the past decade as investments rose from $12 to $120 billion from 2015 to today. Projects that push advancement in the AI space, like InQubeta, OpenAI, and Nvidia, have recently seen a tremendous increase in investment capital. Things are only going to get better for these firms as over $1.5 trillion is anticipated to be guided into the AI industry in the next seven years. The QUBE project is ideally placed to be a major player, helping to direct capital to AI startups while opening investment to global investors.

Unlike traditional investment firms, which often have ridiculous entry requirements, anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can invest in AI on the InQubeta network.

The process

Companies looking to fundraise on the InQubeta network first have to pass an assessment performed by the operations team. Once cleared, these AI startups can sell equity-based non-fungible tokens to raise money. These tokens are the blockchain version of stocks and provide similar functions. These tokens will increase in value as their makers’ market capitalization rises.

Investors can browse the ERC20 token list on the InQubeta marketplace and learn more about the companies they represent. $QUBE is used for all transactions on the InQubeta network.

The excellent tokenomics of the InQubeta project makes holding on to tokens potentially as profitable as investing in artificial intelligence. $QUBE is capped at 1.5 billion and burn taxes reduce the available supply even more. Holding or staking $QUBE could earn equal returns as AI firms turn to the network to raise capital and the value of tokens rises.

THORChain’s (RUNE) recent rise attributed to an increase in social volume

Cryptocurrency analysts are crediting an increase in social volume for the sudden spike in RUNE prices. Investors were already bullish on the project a couple of months ago, but prices recently rose 66% when the $1 threshold was cleared.

THORChain has lots of growth potential given how effectively its protocol allows investors to diversify their portfolios, but it likely won’t be able to keep up with InQubeta’s presale growth.


InQubeta remains one of the top crypto projects as its presale having already sold over 280,000,000 tokens worth over $2.2 million. $QUBE prices have the potential to rise over 100x once the presale is over given how undervalued tokens are and the major role the project might play as AI takes over the world.

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