NFT Investments PLC First Investment Made in Leading Luxury Fashion Technology Firm AEON Executive Board and Management Team to be Paid in Cryptocurrency

NFT Investments, a company specializing in the identification, acquisition, investment, and  development of non-fungible tokens(“NFTs”), is pleased to announce it has made its maiden investment  by acquiring a stake in AEON International, a leading developer of cutting-edge technology for the  luxury fashion industry.  The Company has invested US$1,000,000 in AEON in an oversubscribed private round. […]

Spin and Win Massive Prizes in the New 1xBit Tournament

Bitcoin press release: Experience delightful moments with action-packed slots on the Phenomenal Spinomenal 1xBit tournament.  19th April 2021, Limassol, Cyprus – Ready to take a trip to Las Vegas where you get to enjoy the thrills of slot machines? Or do you just want to feel the adrenaline rush as you watch out for winning […]

SafeEarth Donates $100,000 to TheOceanCleanUp Kicking Off Blockchain Eco Project

Bitcoin Press Release:  Blockchain eco project SafeEarth has donated over $100,000 to TheOceanCleanUp charity with more donations planned for other global charities.  16th April, 2021, London, UK — SafeEarth, a blockchain eco project, has donated over $100,000 to community selected charity TheOceanCleanUp. The donated funds will help towards the removal of plastic waste from the […]

YFX.COM: The Decentralized Cross-Chain Perpetual Contract Exchange

10th April, 2021, — YFX.COM is one of the world’s first decentralized cross-chain perpetual contract exchanges. While other trading platforms that provide leverage alternatives exist, YFX.COM is trailblazing a decentralized alternative to centralized exchanges and perpetual futures trading without a central intermediary. YFX.COM does this by taking advantage of different protocols across the cryptocurrency landscape. […]

PARSIQ’s IQ Protocol Launches, Powering the Tokenized-SaaS Ecosystem of the Future

Press Release: PARSIQ launches its highly anticipated IQ Protocol – the first risk-free collateral-less decentralized finance protocol built specifically for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market.  31st March 2021, Tallinn, Estonia – PARSIQ has launched their revolutionary IQ Protocol on testnet (Ethereum) – a decentralized finance (DeFi) solution for the SaaS market. IQ Protocol is the world’s […]

Real-Time Bitcoin Betting Game Bull vs Bear Creates a Major Buzz in the Gambling and Crypto-Markets

Press Release: Bull vs Bear – Play the World’s First Bitcoin Knockout Tournament 23rd March 2021, Curaçao N.V. – New and innovative, Bull vs Bear is set to be the biggest breakout online gambling platform in 2021 and take the Bitcoin experience to a whole new level of fun and excitement. Suitable for beginners, Bitcoin […]

1xBit Casino Users can Now Bet with Provably Secure Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA)

Bitcoin Press Release: Leading betting casino and sportsbook 1xBit has added support for the top 5 cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA).  22nd March 2021, Limassol, Cyprus – Cardano (ADA) has been one of the success stories of the 2020/2021 crypto bull market and has soared into the Coinmarket top 5 over the last few months with no […]

Get Lucky with the St Patrick’s Day Tournament at 1xBit Casino

Bitcoin Press Release: Players can try their luck at the 1xBit casino tables with the St Patrick’s Day “Lucky Patrick” tournament.  15th March 2021, Limassol, Cyprus – The smell of mouth-watering corned beef and cabbage along with the delicious aroma of classic Irish stew lingers around the room. Meanwhile, there are other people who are […]

Lien Protocol Brings Crypto-Native Options to Binance Smart Chain

Lien to create a Crypto-Native Option protocol using Binance Smart Chain, BNB Option now available via “Lien on BSC”. 12th March 2021, Lien Finance, a decentralized platform on Ethereum, uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to create varieties of options out of ETH including call options, put options, and exotic options such as the butterfly […]