BetaMars Christmas Activity Is Right Here! Free BetaMars Ticket NFT Giveaway!

(Bonus At The Bottom)

According to the Official, BetaMars is going to launch Christmas activity during 25th, December – 26th, December for global fans as the project has received great support and help from institutions and communities.


Extra 1000 Ticket NFTs for BetaMars Supporters.

BetaMars announced at their official Twitter (@BetaMars2025) that the project will airdrop an extra 1000 Ticket NFTs to the community during Christmas. 

BetaMars has already airdrop 2000 Ticket NFTs to the community. Among all the Ticket NFTs, there will be a chance to get “Rare Ticket NFTs”with an only 3% drop rate.


About BetaMars

BetaMars is a metaverse project themed on constructing a “future homeland of human beings”. It is full of innovation, creativity and imagination. On the core of “human nature”, BetaMars team has developed various gameplay mechanisms to draw global players to build a dream country in BetaMars world. Players could make strategies to gambling and win rewards as well as forming the world’s rules and regulations. Now BetaMars project has raised a $2.5 millions seed investment round from Pluto Capital.


About BetaMars Ticket NFT:

BetaMars Ticket NFT is the admission to this metaverse project, and it is also a collectible NFT. BetaMars world will only admit players who have the Ticket NFTs.


Congratulations for the chance of getting a bonus here!

Complete the tasks list: to get a Ticket NFT. The ticket number will be sent to your e-mail within one business day. Claim it after receiving the ticket number!


Redeem Tutorial:


【BetaMars Social Network】

Official Website




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