ArtRino: Web 3.0 Art Democratization

ArtRino Corp., based out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and inspired by Europe’s first-ever art trading gold coin fiorino is set to disrupt the art market by offering a web3 ecosystem of distributed and shared ownership, profit, and decision-making. The ArtRino team believes that the status quo of the art market, where only the rich and the powerful can buy and own art, has to be changed so that the community can access art freely.

ArtRino puts forward the CPF principle, which stands for 

  • Commercialization of Exclusive Money for Artwork
  • Popularization of Art Distribution and Investment
  • Fairness of Artist Appearance Opportunities. 

To achieve this, the non-profit has prepared an immense roadmap.

In 2022, ArtRino co-hosts the First World Digital Art Fair. WDAF 2022 aims to create a desirable digital art market through a fair evaluation of artworks and their introduction to mass spectators and collectors at a digital showcase event. Winners and voters will share the USD 200,000 prize pool, while artists can apply till May 31, 2022. Next, ArtRino plans to hold the World Art Competition for physical art. It will be run by artists, investors, and art lovers with the aim to offer artists broader opportunities to drive innovation in art distribution.

ArtRino is set to open a tax-free zone in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, exempt art tariffs, and create a bonded area that will attract top auction houses and galleries. The project will offer a complete package of art-related services, including auctions with shared participation and transactions in the form of stock trading, ArtRino Bank with offices around the world that will rent artworks listed on ArtRino and share profits among stockholders yearly, and ArtRino Insurance with lifelong benefits. The project ecosystem comprises of the ARTRINO mom token and multiple ArtStock child tokens (traded only in ARTRINO) for artists and their artworks.

ARTRINO is already listed on PancakeSwap,, and BitMart. During the rest of 2022, ArtRino aims to list on one exchange every month. From April 25, the first phase of ARTRINO IEO is ongoing on Coinsbit (ends on May 5) and Indoex (ends on May 14) at USD 0.05 per token. In the second phase, the price will be USD 0.1. According to the team, ArtRino will make big announcements on roadmap activation after IEO and hold a new event every month.

In May, ArtRino will hold a huge 100,000 USDT giveaway. To be eligible, users need to hold more than USD 250 worth of ARTRINO in any decentralized wallet by the snapshot on May 21. Winners will be announced on May 24, 2022.

ArtRino is a rapidly growing active community of close to 40,000 members worldwide with over 7,600 token holders on BNB Chain with the mission to redefine the physical-art ownership and disrupt the digital-art space.

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